Tips on Gallery Content

Hey Collective,

Just a quick one from me …

We’re making good use of the Gallery section, which is being populated by your awesome Soundcore images and videos.

As you know, each week we choose content from here as the best or use it on social media, which rewards you with Points and Notes.

I just want to provide a quick tip to help you increase your chances of having your content chosen.

When we choose an image we usually want to use it across all of our platforms, so dimensions are key. Facebook image dimensions are 1200x1200 and Twitter are 1200x675 (or thereabouts). But basically, we’re more likely to choose your image if it’s square or horizontal, as opposed to a long portrait style image.

In terms of image style, I’d recommend checking out our Instagram and reviewing the images that don’t have our logo on them. Those images are all UGC and should give you an idea of what we’re looking for :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Update: I don’t expect you guys to provide the exact dimensions, my main point here is that if you provide an image that is landscape or square, as opposed to portrait, it’s more likely we’ll be able to use it.


Thanks for the tips and image sizing. I’ll see about getting some better pictures taken to post up.

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That helps out a lot, I had a couple I shot the other day but they were well above the threshold for posting, so I didn’t want to shrink them and lose quality. Much appreciated @Loz

good tips to know about.

Awesome! I’d post more images if I had more products to photograph :joy:. Luckily I have one on the way

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I usually compress my photos a lot.
Normally taken by my CANON those are about 5MB.
But whenever it should be posted from soundcore I can give you any format, compression etc.
you want and need.

Horizontal or Landscape makes it look better, thanks for including the dimensions, makes it easier :clap:

Cmon I just had one soundcore spirit x, I know you have bunch of them and still asking for more?

@loz can you not make it to the size you need if we ensure to provide bigger enough so you can crop as you need?

100%. I don’t expect you guys to provide the exact dimensions. I just meant if you provide something that is landscape as opposed to portrait it’s more likely we can/will use it.


Landscape is the magic word :innocent:

Umm, I didn’t ask for anything. Just wishing I could afford more of the products I want…

Uh yeah always take all photos in 16:9 ish. More pixels the better because you can always scale down. But, then again, @loz average users dont think about images in pixels or aspect ratios. Most people just snap and go. Thats good advice though.

Got you. I prefer landscape anyways.

Thanks for the tips, it would be nice if you guys would up the upload file size limit. Upload limits that are set are lower than most sites work with. I set my images slightly larger for flickr and facebook. Then to submit images directly to the community I have to go back and resize. This gets old fast…

Hi all,

Another update on this one.

I’ve noticed people adding random objects into images (i.e. not suited to a current theme like Christmas or Easter, etc.), along with images that have text on them. Just a heads up that we’re far less likely to choose these kind of images.

Again, the best place to see the content type we’re going for is Instagram. Saying that, if you love your own style and don’t care about your content being selected then don’t worry, just keep doing what you’re doing :wink:

For instance, if I have a stuffed bear, and a take a picture of the bear with my soundcore liberty air, then that’s less likely to be chosen?

Makes sense. I’ve never been good at photography anyway lol

Basically yeah. If you look at some of our Instagram content it’s actually not too hard. Most people just take an up-close image with good lighting, where the logo and product is central / in focus. Those kind of images also tend to get the highest engagement on social media, which is why we (I) like them.


Now that you bring up Gallery… Why doesn’t the Likes on Gallery upload show who liked them… :star_struck: I would love to see who liked which ones :pray:

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I like it better being anonymous