Trying to connect my Liberty Air 2 to the Soundcore app. Only allows one earbud

So I’m trying to connect the liberty air 2 buds to the Soundcore app. I’m not sure if I’m doing it right or what but apparently it only allows to connect to one earbud in the app. It shows I can select either earbud, but when I do it says I need to connect both. How do I do that?

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Follow the steps

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I read this however it does not help. Mainly because I can’t even get to the point to update the firmware, because the app doesn’t allow me to add both buds. Are there other steps I’m missing?

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Delete the bluetooth profile on your phone, put the earbuds back into the case,press and hold the reset button until the lights on the earbuds flash red. Then remove the earbuds and pair to your phone, click on pair the "L"earbud and then go into the app and it should work


Thanks. This worked but I had to figure a few things out on my own. I also had a private message from someone else looking for help. So I’m posting what I did to get it to work here, in case any one else needs assistance.

Also, I’d like to say, 1) it should not be this difficult to pair earbuds to your device & 2) Anker/Soundcore should really update their website (at least) and documentation with step by step instructions, & troubleshooting, FAQ on how to pair, Unpair, & connect, these devices. It seems like many of the issues here could be avoided, & possibly customer emails, phone calls, etc, if they just had better documentation.

Anyway, with that said, here goes my experience:

First of all, go into the Soundcore app and remove the device(s). Basically start over like you don’t have any device yet. Once you remove the device in the Soundcore app, leave it.

Then unpair both bud connections from your phone in the BT (Bluetooth) settings. Put both earbuds back in the case with the lid open. Hold the button at the bottom of the case until the lights on the earbuds turn red. Release.

With the lid still open, go to your BT settings on your phone. Scan for new devices. Here’s where it kind of diverges. I only saw one connection for the Liberty Air 2. So I connected to it.

I got the screen where they said a pop up will happen requesting to pair. I did allow it.

Then I waited. About 5-10 seconds later another one came up for the other earbud. I allowed that one too.

Apparently you have to wait for them to do their thing and communicate between each other. Once both earbuds are paired, then, and only then, go back into the Soundcore app and select your earbuds to connect.

It showed both earbuds for me then in the app, and then I could try to update firmware. At that point, I pulled them both out of the case BEFORE I started the update.

I would suggest to anyone that you keep your phone close by, like on a table with the earbuds very close. I don’t think it matters to much how close, but if you walk away with your phone during the update, they may lose connection or something and screwing up a firmware update usually isn’t preferable.

Anyway, I hope this helps for anyone who was having issues. As far as the HearID settings, the EQ presets are nice. I would like it better if there was a fully customizable EQ setting, to adjust each setting manually instead of just the presets. But I’ve found a few preset that will work for music, audio books, and podcasts.


Always good to post solutions. Thanks for the input to help your fellow community members that needed it.

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  • Turn of Bluetooth on your phone
  • Delete the Bluetooth profile for the L2P (if you have one)
  • Put the buds back in the case- leave lid open
  • Hold the button on the back (Or bottom) of the case until the LED on the buds turn red
  • close the lid for a few seconds
  • open the case
  • turn on Bluetooth on your device
  • wait for “liberty XXX” to show up, and click it
  • wait a few seconds
  • on the screen a pairing request should show up. Confirm it

Now both buds should be connected, and both stereo and mono mode should be working perfectly

That basically sums up how to repair them and get everything working right.


That’s fine, and while similar, that’s not for the Liberty Air 2. While it may be a fine point, I was not able to locate any information for the Liberty Air 2. On that model, the button is at the bottom of the case. While the process may work for both, Soundcore SHOULD provide instructions for both.

My problem is not that I don’t know how to pair Earbuds to my phone. I paired them fine and they worked for everything BUT the Soundcore app for firmware updates and HearID. The point being that as finicky/lack of documentation the Soundcore app is/has, instructions for a different set of Earbuds may not necessarily work for another.


Thank you so so much


Thats really true!


You’re my hero, thank you


Thank you so much I tried all of these solutions on this thread yours is the only one that was successful. Again thank you so much!


TY sir! I was having trouble pairing them up to my phone.



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did anyone able to connect 2 devices simultaneously, at a time i am able to connect only 1 device.

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Is your device(s) capable of more than conned ction at the same time? I regularly connect with dual audio in my car. It’s easier to hear on my ear buds than over Bluetooth in the car.

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Thank you … this helped so much!

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Hey is anyone having problem with call? I couldn’t get the air 2 to connect to 6t at the same time and with my OnePlus 8pro when ever I make a call the buds go dead silent neither I nor the person at other end can hear nothing

How do you remove products from the soundcore app?

Oh my gosh it took longer than it should have to figure out how to remove a device from the Soundcore app. Go into the Soundcore app, tap the menu icon in the top left, and select “My Devices.” The connected devices are listed and you should be able to swipe left and then tap on the “x” to delete a device.