What it's really like recording The Rolling Stones | Soundcore Stories

Krish Sharma is a 2- Time GRAMMY winning producer who has worked with the likes of The Rolling Stones and Ziggy Marley to name a few. He also started a company, called BYGMusic, to help with the financial well-being of music artists.

Listen now as Krish takes us back through some of his fondest recording memories, but also his latest work with BYG, including his involvement with Liberty Air 2 Pro.

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Should be interesting. I think he is the one that stated that technology water down the sound some or something to that effect.

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Glad to see Krish back I’ll have to give it a listen after class tomorrow

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Will listen later.

It was a good listen. I really like Krish. I mean he worked his bottom of to get where he is at.

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I’ll give this a listen when I’m back home

I’ll listen to it :+1:

It was a great podcast. Great to see his company helping out artists like MusiCares. Hope to see a partnership with his company too some time in the future

Nice work with this one.