Core Update 72 | Choose Your Favorite Unboxing Video

There’s a lot to talk about in today’s Core Update, so let’s jump straight into it:

Liberty Air 2 Pro Unboxing Video Contest
We’ve collected together the entries and now we want you to tell us your Top 3 videos and why you picked them in the comments below. Your feedback will help us when we’re deciding on the final ranking which will be announced in next week’s Core Update (on Feb.15th).












And because there’s 11 entries, we’re going to extend the prizes so that 6th through 11th places all receive 50 Soundcore Notes and 25 Points!

Valentine’s Day Giveaway
We’re giving you the chance to win 2 pairs of Liberty Air 2 Pro for you and your Valentine :two_hearts: Don’t forget to enter and remember that you can get extra entries by sharing on social media. All the details are in the thread so go check it out HERE.

Soundcore Stories Podcast
Lawrence and Sean sat down with 2-time GRAMMY winning producer, Krish Sharma. They chatted to him about his experiences of working in the studio with artists like The Rolling Stones and Ziggy Marley, plus BYG Music and working with Grassroots musicians. Find out more HERE.

#SoundcoreSessions Livestream
This week we have the incredible Lecrae joining us for this week’s livestream. He’ll be performing and sitting down to chat with Sean and Aaron. Sean will be posting all the details later so make sure you don’t miss out!

Also, if you didn’t catch Colbie’s performance you can watch it HERE and if you want to just listen to the interview, we’ve added it as a podcast on Soundcore Stories to listen to the interview it will be available as a podcast on Soundcore Stories (so make sure you subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts).

Awards of the Week
This week’s winners are…

Photo of the Week: Congratulations to @TaborTech :partying_face:

This Week’s Photo Contest: The theme is “Valentine’s Day” so go add your photos to THIS thread.

Collective Member of the Week: @element321 is a longtime member of the Anker Community who is also always helpful and involved here on here—it’s great having you around!

New Collective Member of the Week: @ndjiemei It’s great to see new members getting involved in conversations. Welcome to the Collective!

Thread of the Week: @Michael_Frasca posted an awesome review of Rave Neo, plus the bonus PartyCast test videos were a very fun extra! It’s safe to say that we’re all looking forward to your future reviews :raised_hands:

That’s all for this week, but don’t forget to share your Top 3 unboxing videos in the comments :arrow_down:


Thanks for the update, I’m gonna have to find time to sort through the unboxing videos to choose my favorite but I’ll get it done.

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Good luck everyone!

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Congrats to all the winners! And happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!! Guys- better not forget!! :joy:


@Hannah thanks for update. Congrats to winners. Will have to find some time to rewatch all unboxing videos. It’s pretty difficult task to select 3 best uploads🤔


Congrats to the winners, well deserved photo win @TaborTech

Also big congrats to giveaway of the week - flare mini @VertigoXX. Psst maybe message @sean.L with your deets… :wink:

I’ll have some rewatching to do to slot in my favorites…

Have a good week everybody.


Thank you guys for your consideration of me and sharing my rave neo review! As I always say my videos are made for you to have fun and maybe make purchases easier! I just hope you all enjoy them and congrats to all the contenders listed above great videos and unboxing! My top picks are @sean15, @rpsly and @TechnicallyWell


I’ll have to watch all of the videos when I have time later! Out of curiosity though, what are Soundcore Notes? I haven’t seen them mentioned anywhere else (that I remember anyway).
Wasn’t expecting to be mentioned, thanks for the welcome! Somehow I’ve become Level 3 already, not sure how… :sweat_smile: Still figuring things out but the discussions on here are really interesting!
Well done everyone! The piano photo was great and it was cool to hear the behind the scenes story and some extra pictures.


Congrats to the winner. I’ll have to go back to figure out my top three. From what I remember from them off the top of my head I want to say @zhukafer for the amazing intro and @Sean15 for the comparison to the Liberty air. My answer might change after having rewatched all of them

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Of course I would want to put myself at the top but I will give my top 3 that are not my own, @zhukafer for the amazing intro very creative, @rpsly for strong variety of camera angles and music, @Ryan790 for the very Professional looking set.


Easy unboxing : @TechnicallyWell and @TheSnarkyOne.
Third one I don know.
I am not a fan of those unboxing videos at all, may be others like. :wink:

And of course I say a Big Hello to @ndjiemei :grin:

Almost forgot it, congratulations to the other winners.


all great videos! Very hard to pick but im gonna pick @Michael_Frasca @athafoud and @jercox great job from all of you!


My favorite is @Michael_Frasca top pick. 2nd is @technicallywell and 3rd is @Sean15


I only had time to skim through each unboxing. But my top 3 favorites were:

  1. @zhukafer
  2. @Michael_Frasca
  3. @TheSnarkyOne

My top three list:

  1. @Ryan790 - good comparison to other comparables, good eq test
  2. @Sean15 - good link back to the liberty air 2, good demo of app
  3. @trijanmanandhar11 - nice intro and good demo of app

Good luck everybody, some really well done vids :slightly_smiling_face:

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Congrats to the winners

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Gotta start checking out these unboxing videos

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Congrats to this weeks winners

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Thanks a lot for good news @TheSnarkyOne. @sean.L already contacted me about details. Can’t wait to unpack it :grin: