What’s the Best Deals on L3P Liberty 3 Pros? (U.K.)

As per title, are there any specials on or upcoming?

When does Black Friday occur? hopefully there will be a deal on them then?


Soundcore stated at the L3P launch that the early adopter discount was also going to be the Black Friday discount. So if true we’d expect these again, e.g. UK is £120.

Anker varies somewhat how and when they do Black Friday deals so it’s hard to predict. What you can say is if you’re alert you will be more likely get the best deals. Some years they have a very low price for a given quantity at that price which can sell in minutes/hours. But the most common is a week long discount beginning a few days before til a few days after the 3rd last Friday in November.

Anker usually sends emails notifying of discounts and so check back here nearer the time and scan for deals as the first to get the email will be posting here.

Check here regularly around 22nd November.

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Hope to offset the cost by selling my Liberty 2 Pros - put it on eBay, hopefully someone will get a bargain & they will go to a new home.

Checked Amazons Black Friday is 26th this year apparently.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the US. Cyber Monday is the following Monday. Traditionally they kick off the Holiday Buying Season.

As of this moment no they aren’t on sale but should be for Black Friday as others have said. If you can afford to wait for the deal I personally would

Yes, that is true, here is where I picked up the info, which also states the same :wink:


Have a wish list set up for some items which should give me a heads up via the apps on iPhone & iPad :+1:

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