What type of music do you listen to?

Wht type of music does everyoneisten to with their speakers? Headphones?

I find I listen to different types of music when I share with others than when I listen on my own. With others I tend to listen to rock, hip hop and r and b. When I’m on my own I listen to jazz, old school beat boxing, rap and crazy enough I also listen to classical music


I listen to classical, and “modern classical style”. I also listen to like 50s-60s pop sometimes. I’m also known to occasionally listen to old fashioned bluegrass. I always love a good barbershop quartet as well!

I have been stuck on an EDM podcast that is released once a week by a couple of guys on Sirius/XM that has been my go to for the past couple of months. It is a nice mashup of different songs that makes either work/driving/yard work more enjoyable.

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The old question.
No new answers here:wink:

Mostly : Franz S., Ludwig van B. and Wolfgang Amadeus M.
But there are others of course.


I found myself listening to the Big Bands one day at work and it just kinda stuck. It reminds me when I was younger and my father played this when I went to sleep.

Good, Glenn Miller of course.
I really like those from the 40-ies.
There are some in Germany too which should be listened to.
No “N*zi-music” :wink:

I usually hear music while driving, workouts, walking or while I work (yes… while at work :smiley:) only hear the trance music without any words… helps focus and get the work done… use the Soundcore headsets most of the times, sometimes others.

Don’t mind listening to pretty much anything really but mostly stick to pop, rock, easy listening music from the 60’s thru to present, country pop blues (or bluegrass) and film scores…

For winter nights when having a tot or two, Jazz and opera often make an appearance :wink: unless it’s the weekend :partying_face:

Try Philip Glass.

sure, will :slight_smile: thanks for the suggestion

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Quite very special.
Old Philip is a so called “minimalist”
(Our “professor” should like him :rofl:)
May be listen first

I like heavy metal and 70’s rock. Big fon of Rush.

Can you share please?!

I listen to Country, EDM, Top 40, Rap/Hip Hop basically all of the above! Just like a cocktail there is a music genre for any occasion!

Some are better than others and I have my go to’s when I am driving/doing yard work, but all in all they have treated me good since I started listening to them

music is good, minimalist … the image for the video more interesting than the music itself,

guess why are they facing their back and what are they throwing up in the air … :smiley: :rofl:

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I listen mainly to EDM and top 40 music

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Same as OP, when i share music with others is mainly EDM, Alternative, Rock.
But when I’m in my own i enjoy a vast range of genres, currently listening to the entire discography of Sufjan Stevens on my Motion + before bed. But i do enjoy listening anything from Jazz, R&B, Indie, Original Soundtracks from my favorite Games & Movies, Symphonic Metal… :blush:

I listen to mostly alternative rock and punk, but sometimes tune to a Top 40 station to keep up with what the kids are listening to :rofl:

Well, apart from EDM, I have a very eclectic taste in music

I like most modern pop music, but I wouldn’t say I like many particular performers. It’s more about like individual songs.

I.like classic rock music and some modern rock, like Green Day, or this strange genre of rock n rap! Again it’s more individual songs.

I also like easy.listening, like Neil Diamond etc, I can listen to.some classical music (including Spanish guitar) or reggae.

For me, it needs a catchy tune, easy to sing along to, nice rifts. I like to relax n get lost in music, which is why I like EDM so much (no Andrew it’s not just the thumping bass) as it’s often long mixes that have great rifts n beats, that you can relax to.

I really like RnB and Hip hop when I’m out and about