When is the Soundcore Flare Mini UPGRADED available?

I see there is an app supported Flare Mini Upgraded.

I can’t find it online for sale.

When and where is it available?

It is already causing confusion in community peer support of “cannot connect in app” threads.

I’ve searched Amazon UK and US, can’t find it.

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You would just have to go off model numbers the one listed on the US amazon site is the upgraded one.

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I have done some more searching

TL;DR short version -
USA has new and old versions alongside, Amazon sells both, Soundcore sell old.
UK doesn’t have new version, only old version, both Amazon and Soundcore.

Longer version

Amazon USA

So I’ll show the USA. Follow these steps to see the problem.

So begin at https://www.amazon.com/ image

Click on the first top link there


No mention of app (scroll down) and no A31670, it’s A3167.


So implies it’s the original right?

But if on the above I click on the Black colour the link becomes


There is app support mentioned in the listing in three places


And the model number is different


If Click on the Red colour

It becomes

The app mentioning on the black disappears,it becomes like the blue, listing.


So in this example in USA the new and old are selling alongside with obvious differences if you knew to look - one doesn’t mention app, one does mention app and different model numbers.

Soundcore is doing a good job confusing the customer. Let me go back to the newer version listing

See how it shows the table comparison. Click on say the Flare, immediately to the right of this Flare Mini which says app support

Scroll down, see it

So now you see it is pointing to the older Flare Mini without App support. Click on that Flare Mini

Takes me to

Which is the newer version.

So here you have the Flare shows the Flare Mini doesn’t have app support but links to one which does.

Very confusing.

Soundcore USA

The older version, no mention of app. So Soundcore’s own site sells their older model only, the newer model is sometimes available in Amazon.

Look at UK

Search for Soundcore Flare Mini

Click on top link


No mention of app anywhere and shows older model number image

The absence of app is explicit in the table

Soundcore UK like Soundcore USA is listing the older version.

So I cannot find the newer version. So from this example today, I can find in USA the new and old versions in the UK I cannot find the new version.

So you see how easily someone can think there’s app support and buy a version without it?


If you look at some write-ups they seem in error.

Look here

See it says contradictory information

And yet


@Unnamed Please note the Soundcore Flare Mini speaker we are selling currently is our upgraded version one which supports the Soundcore APP. The information is correct.

Not saying you’re incorrect but if true then explain why some new users are having issue with connecting recently purchased Flare Mini in the app, and explain why sites such as your own and Amazon are showing the older BT 4.2 no-app, either alongside or not at all the newer BT 5.0 with-app ?

So either you’re incorrect or the sites are.

Please look forself, the links are above, it becomes self explanatory.