Where does the new Motion Boom fit into the speaker lineup?

I’m about to purchase a Motion+ because it allegedly offers the best sound fidelity for the price which is what I’m most interested about.

The Motion Boom appears to belong to the same “Motion” family but I don’t know if it’s an upgrade to the Plus or just another loud boomy party speaker.

If I want the best sound, should I still go for the plus or should I purchase the Boom instead?

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Since this speaker was just released, there isn’t any reviews so it’s hard to say. It labeled as an outdoor camping type speaker.

Anker Soundcore Motion Boom Outdoor Speaker with Titanium Drivers, BassUp Technology, IPX7 Waterproof, 24H Playtime, Soundcore App, Built-in Handle, Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Outdoors, Camping http://www.amazon.com/dp/B08LQNL42Z/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabt1_A3KVFbH1CS9XE


As far I see nobody of the members here got their hands on that speaker.
So nothing can be said about quality etc.


Wow I didn’t even know the boom had hit stores I guess a lot also depends on the size you want the motion + looks like something you can throw in a bag the boom not so much unless it’s a big bag

What if the speaker is small but the models are tiny?

Thanks for that link!

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this is what the amazon site said for the dimensions

Maybe they’re using metric inches.

I’m pretty skeptical of those specs. Says it needs a AAA battery which definitely is not correct

oh same but if its wrong then they really shouldnt have put it up there on amazon…

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I’m not in the market for a bigger speaker but I find the design super appealing. It looks like a cute robot from the front. Can’t wait to see specs and reviews.

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You can also charger your device with it so that’s a plus.


My concern is the price… considering the Motion+ is smaller yet costs more. If this is a true successor to Motion+ I would expect a higher price to achieve better audio output and such.

Maybe cause it’s not a + level quality of sounds and so on if that makes sense
It’s just a base level motion but giant sized but not the audio level of a motion boom +

Makes sense. I also don’t see any mention of PartyCast on it, which I would have liked to see. It looks like does have a TWS button at least though.

Partycast is still technically weaker than TWS when the speaker is so loud that two is already very loud.

Say the Flare 2 is 20W , Motion+ 30W, it takes 3 Flare 2 to get same volume as two Motion+

Once Partycast can do stereo left/right per speaker so it can do what TWS then it has no disadvantages. That’s where I’d like to see the technology head, all speakers can do Partycast and Partycast you decide per speaker if it’s left or right or mono. So then in a large room you can have 4 speakers, each side left or right, and 5th in another room mono.

What I don’t know is if this can be done in software so a firmware upgrade and app update can get this or its reliance on hardware so it’s next generation hardware to wait for.


Some legitimate concerns. I don’t think any of us have one, so hard to answer well. Maybe someone from the soundcore team will be able to answer on Monday.

Their return policy is also pretty good - so if you decide to pull the trigger and it doesn’t live up to your expectations, they should take care of you. Just make sure to get it through an authorized retailer (direct or amazon for the us).

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I ordered a pair of these already, but shipping is going to take some time for certain reasons but I expect to have them by the end of december… i’ll write a review around then covering everything.

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I wonder if they will make a large announcement soon about the boom and more details on it


Yea and same with Life Dot 2 NC. I still don’t get the keeping it a secret part