Where is the promised Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro Black Friday Discount?

I didn’t buy on pre-release becuase the webpage that said it would be the same discouted price on black friday, but they are still charging full price?

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Order em at Verizon even better than their release price … 129.99 is a steal https://www.verizon.com/products/anker-soundcore-liberty-pro-3-noise-cancelling-earbuds/

would love to, but based in the UK :frowning:

The price for Europe is €159.99, i waited for black Friday, but nothing!

There are always “hopes” which can not be fulfilled.
Some hopes come true, others do not.

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They literally said on the pre-order page, “same price as black friday”.

There is no hope involved, if they don’t reduce it, they straight up lied!

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The way I read it was they said it wouldn’t be lower, not that they promised it would be on sale for the $149.99. I think they had a shortage on L3P’s so that might have something to do with it.

All that being said, Cyber Monday is coming up this Monday, so all hope is not lost.

it said “same price as black friday”

How can that be interpreted as anything else?

I would agree if it said “it won’t be lower on black friday”, sure, but they said “same price”!

I’m still seeing this on their site: Due to overwhelming demand, your order will be shipped out on or after December 20th, 2021.. If they don’t have them, they can’t put them on sale. Patience is a virtue.

That’s only on the US site, on the UK site they have them in stock and ready to go …

Patience is one thing, but misadvertising doesn’t exactly build brand trust and reputation either.

A couple of things;

  1. I see this on the UK site: Due to overwhelming demand, your order will be shipped out on or after December 31st, 2021.
  2. They are priced at 139.99 Pounds
  3. Since they said they wouldn’t be lower now, why didn’t you get them when they were on sale when they were released?
  4. A lot of goods out in short supply now, not just the L3P’s.

  1. Hmm, doesn’t say that on my page I have in front of me now.

  2. Yes, and they were £119.99 for pre-release

  3. They said it would be “same price” not “wouldn’t be lower”. I waited as I wanted to see the reviews, and they said they would be the “same price” on black friday

  4. They are also next day delivery on Amazon UK. I can appreacite that maybe they are short in stock, but if they are selling them, they can sell that the the price they said they would be.

Look at the Frost White pair. That’s the ones I really want at the moment, so I clicked on those. The thing is they are really hot now and in short supply. I’m figuring at the time, they couldn’t or didn’t predict that. Not sure what else I can say to you?

That’s fair enough, but its still poor form to say “it’s going to be this price on Black Friday” then not have it at that price :frowning:

That would explain not discounted - insufficient stock. You can’t discount what you don’t have!

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I can get it next day delivery from amazon, so again there is plenty of UK stock

I works agree with you if they were also saying sold out and not taking orders, but they are so ven if there is a delay, they can still sell at the price they said they would

Different warehouses.

Often UK is supplied from a Poland warehouse.

This is a kind of compliment to Soundcore, they made a product sufficiently well liked to not be over-stocked, does not need a discount to sell, and judged the price about right to not need a discount.

Of course if you’re wanting a discount then it’s a different story.

I’d only encourage to read all the reviews, the L2P and L2P Upgraded remains still a very good product and has been discounted regularly.

BTW asking for a discount is the surest way to not get one as asking is raising profile, which increases interest, which increases demand then market forces delays the discount. Learn the power of silence.

I agree that they don’t need to discount it, as its selling well. Well done them.

And I’m not asking for a discount, , I’m asking where is the discount they said they were going to give?

The situation we are looking at is this:

SHOP: “Hey, we are going to sell this item for £XXX on black friday”
ME: Okay, cool, ill buy it on black friday

ME: Hey, i’m here to buy the product you said you would sell for £XXX on black friday
SHOP: Oh, yeah, its selling really well, so we are not going to sell it for that price anymore.

And your advice is “learn the power of silence”?!?". Seriously?

What is wrong with calling Soundcore out on misadvertising and lying about the price they were going to sell it at?

The only logic I can have at this point is people defending this behaviour are working for Soundcore!

They found they didn’t need to. Well done them. Nothing is a promise. There is only the now.

Also there’s Cyber Monday coming. The original day when discounts happen for technology.

Not I’m not defending just explaining asking is never going to work!

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Seriously? So they misadvertised and lied to us as consumers, and your advise is “well done them” and I should be silent.

What happened to accountability?