Which musicplayer are you using? (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop)

Normally I use my laptop (LINUX MINT) for playing music.
Important for me is a high-class eq (10 frequencies) not those pre-installed which are often offered.
A nice player is "clementine"
Is available for WIN and MAC also
and this player has such a lot of features.
You should take a look



I meant to mention a while back that Humble Bundle had a sale on some nice players, I think but it was going off sale and I did not do it.

Will say thanks for a good reference to make my music better.

Seems free and no advertisings added.

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I use Winamp on Windows and Boom on iOS :blush:


Ooo interesting I’ll have to look into these suggestions

Wow I had forgotten about Winamp. Loved being able to customize the skins.

Still able to customize?


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About forgot about winamp, I tend to use the default one here recently .

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I remember that winamp.
But I don’t remember the features of that player.

Unfortunately there is no Linux-Version.
Or should I say “fortunately” :smiley:

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works well, not memory intensive,

@Duane_Lester the default one is the best

@TheSnarkyOne able to customize, but not a lot, not many supported now, and mostly third party ones cannot be trusted.

In the old days it was WinAmp and VLC. I thought I used another one for converting files to mp3 but I can not remember the name of that one program though.

With that clementine you can include


And I am sure you can add others.
(Havent tested)

I’ll have to see if I can track down my Zerg Winamp skin… prob buried in the pile of old ide hard drives I have tucked away…:sauropod: