Will Soundcore Life Q30 get a firmware update?

Hello everyone,
I’m planning to buy Soundcore Life QX device but i’m not sure which one is better. You will say probably “Q30 is newer product, so you should buy newest one” but when i watched reviews, i don’t like Q30’s microphone performance. In the future, Q30 will be get any firmware update for performance improvements or it will stand like Q20?

Thank you who answered.

Update from Soundcore:

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The q30 do have app access I believe but for any of us it would be unsure as what the q30 will get a firmware update for. It could be for the microphone or it could be for something else.

I think it is potentially too early to know when a firmware update will be done as well. I guess as people make known issue or dislike then we would know what they will be done.

Someone who has a Q30 product can confirm this.

Edit: I got reply from EE Tech on YouTube

There is. No update from out of the box though.

Nice to know that, but i still not sure to buy Q30. Probably i’m going to buy Q20.

they currently work with the app but am not sure if or when a firmware update would come. There are differences between the Q10 20 and 30 so just buy which is best for you. Not everyone needs noise canceling or app customization so it really depends on your use and needs

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I own both the Q20 and Q30 headsets. I think the Q30 is an upgrade in every single area EXCEPT the mic. Whether I’m videoconferencing on my PC or my phone, people tell me I sound like I’m “in a box.” The Q20s are superior when it comes to call clarity. I switched back to the Q20 for everyday use and am trying to decide what to do with my Q30. I might send it back.


Better strategy. I would wait until they fix the issue to invest in the Q30s. Buying something that doesn’t yet do what you want in hopes that it will be fixed later is risky.

Thanks for sharing your experience. :heart: I think i will buy Q20.

Got an update from 1.5 to 1.6 today. Changelog mentioned transparency but nothing regarding fix for the useless mics for phone calls unfortunately. I think the mics themselves are awesome as can be checked by using transparency mode. They pick up everything including voices nice and clean. No idea why we can’t have the same quality for calls. Probably too aggressive on the ambient noise filtering in phone calls!

Good news but i’m still not sure. 11.11 so close and Q30 not listed on AliExpress yet.

Edit: Q30 listed on AliExpress.

Q20 has 4 built-in microphone, Q30 has 2 built-in microphone. That’s the reason why Q30’s microphone quality bad than Q20.

That’s a possible reason but could be something else.

I’d like Soundcore to state the reason and if a fix is possible in firmware or it is what it is.

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I would also like to see a Mic improvement with the firmware. Also I having issues with mute not working with some PC apps like Skype/etc. which would also be nice if it could be fixed via FW update as well.

Thank you for replied. I asked a question about possible microphone improvements for Q30 on Anker’s Official Store but no one answered. Idk but if there is a product engineer on the forum it would be nice to reply.

Does anyone know if the problem is hardware (unfixable) or software (fixable)? I see the theory of 4 mics down to 2 mics implies it is hardware (unfixable) but no Soundcore reply means we’re all just hot air arm waving.

I think given my experience of technology “buy as seen” applies, I therefore recommend to assume the mic won’t improve and make buy / not-buy decision on that. Chances are Soundcore engineers are heads down working on the next product and so don’t assume anything being done to the Q30.

Folks who just wish and cross fingers then moan the seller is the fault when it’s the buyer’s fault, doesn’t read well when they vent later.

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As it states clear calls, it’s false advertising as they are too bad to be even barely usable as far as phone calls go. At least for male voices. Simple as that. Would they still be worth the price asked if call “functionality” was removed altogether? Totally yes imo! The Q30s are really good, maybe class-leading in their price range for sound quality, comfort (if ear pads are glued on right), build quality, ANC+passive noise cancelling, app support (custom EQ really makes them shine vs ootb), battery life, signal strength, multi-point connection… These cans are perfect in so many regards! Just why the need to advertise phone call function when it can’t be archieved? I honestly believe that it’s just a rushed software job rather than crappy mics or else the same mics wouldn’t pic up voices as perfectly fine as they do in ambient mode. FW updates work like a charm with the hardware/app combo, as we’ve experienced with going from 1.5 to 1.6 just two days ago. They’re just launching the Q30 to market, so yeah, I see why they wouldn’t admit a software bug publicly just now. I’d say let them proceed, cross fingers for a successful launch and wait how they’ll take it from there. Crappy algorithms can be fixed and this one probably will. If not, the Q30s will still hold great value for everything but phone calls :slight_smile:

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I don’t really know how a software would help a limitation of hardware in this case.

I may be a little old school in that I do not buy headphones for the mics. I tend to have to talk enough at work and do not mind not having a phone other than my wife’s phone.

I rather just listen to the music and forget about calls…

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I would tend to agree, particularly for ANC headphones, if by definition you’re wearing ANC then the ambient noise is annoying / loud / distracting. Therefore why would you then want microphones to pick that up and transmit it. I agree Q30 who significant advantage is ANC can likely have poor microphones and not critically undermine the value argument.

I am only advocating the technology consumer safest view is to assume the microphones won’t improve and make a decision on what is known today. Q30 wins already no-brainer if you are buying to listen and not to speak.

It would be good for Soundcore to quickly accept and comment on the microphones and make a statement of if will or won’t be fixed, so those who do want ANC and want to use for calls can know more than present.


It would be nice if they would acknowledge it directly. If that has happened, I haven’t heard about it yet.

I’m not sure I understand how they are doing such a good job with noise cancelling with only 2 mics. It seems strange that this would have fewer than the Q20s. Maybe they aren’t counting the ANC mics in the total this time around.

I agree, I want to buy a QX series headset, but I’m still undecided.

There are only 2 point on the product for microphones.

This answer doesn’t help anyone. :frowning: We just want to know if it can be fixed.

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