A First Look at What's Coming Up in 2020

With CES going on, everybody’s asking, “What’s new for tech in 2020?”

Well, whilst we can’t talk for the entire industry, we can give our favorite fans (that’s you guys btw) a few hints and sneak peaks at what to expect this year. So, without further a due, let’s jump into it :point_down:

If any of you have been following Soundcore at CES, you’ll have seen already that we’ve announced an upgrade to the original 360° Flare speakers, with Flare 2. iMore dropped their first look review, so I won’t dive too much into it, but what I will say is this: (1) bigger sound (2) an additional light ring to Flare up the party atmosphere even more and (3) my personal favorite … the ability to link up not 2, not 10, but 100 Flare 2 speakers thanks to our PartyCast™ technology :star_struck:

Now all we need is for someone to buy 100 Flare 2 speakers, so that we can see this in action. For now, here’s the best I’ve got - a little snippet from our CES booth :smirk:

Moving on from Flare 2, you may have noticed that we’ve been dropping in images of a white version of Liberty 2 Pro. This isn’t just for show, a white version of L2P is just over the horizon, so watch this space.

As for our other earbuds and headphones, these will also be seeing new add ons and upgrades. Whilst I can’t drop any specifics, what I will say is that you’re about to see a lot more in terms of active noise cancellation. Which products are you hoping get ANC?

For speakers there are a few other surprises lined up, but these are still a closely guarded secret. Saying that, one other speaker was announced yesterday under the Anker Innovations brand, which was PowerConf. Forbes reviewed it as part of their first look at CES.

That covers off the products, but what about the Collective? Reaching 100,000 members in the four months since we launched is a massive achievement, but the Collective still has a long way to go and there’s still a lot of room for improvement. We are tracking your feedback and, as part of our updates for 2020, we’ll be collecting more of your feedback this week. We also wanted to add some fun into the mix, so this will be part of a competition with prizes too just FYI!

Just a few things we’re looking to work on:

  • How to earn Points and Notes (i.e. what’s rewarded for what action);
  • The product review process;
  • Naming admins and getting them involved;
  • Existing bugs.

I’d also like to find a way to make music a bigger part of our community, so if you’ve got any thoughts or ideas for how we can better integrate that I’d love to hear it!

We’re still monitoring this feedback thread, so we’ll take that into account with any decisions we make. Please keep leaving your invaluable feedback there in the meantime!

That about sums it up! Let me know what your favorite update was in the comments and what else you’re hoping to see in 2020.

Happy NY to the entire Collective!


Great recap!! Can’t wait for the flare 2 release so I can try one (Or one hundred) out :+1:.

I guess they get the title of admin over here :joy:. @ndalby will for sure be salty that he’s just a moderator on anker :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Looking forward to the Flare 2 as well


Moderator is probably a better way of phrasing it actually!

Love that number.

@Loz How about Sound Conductors instead of Admin. LOL

You know that a lot of the radio companies will let you play music while you are on their site. You could have a music bar or something so that you can play music while on the site. I have the first group you could add. I am going to suggest Oasis. :wink: :smile:


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS IDEA! Or at least something similar like “The Conductors” or something lol.

I suggest the Berlin philharmonic :joy:.


That’s a fine choice if I do say so myself.

Also, Sound Conductors, even better!

Why would I be salty?

It’s not like I’ve been been jockeying or bumping the poll thread…like some :wink:


Well, I am known as Mr. Flare… SOoOoOoOOo I would love to see what these Flare 2’s are all about.

I would be happy to test out 10-100 of these bad boys :wink:

Live look at me:



I was referring to the fact that over here they get the title “admin”, and on anker you only get the title moderator :joy:.

I’m not even in the running for mod, I’m just curious who will be chosen :smiley:

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Like I said, why would I be salty, different title, same permissions…

Anyways @Loz thanks for the first look on what we are likely to see over the next few months.

As for making music a bigger part of the community, how about a compose a piece of music competition, either instrumental or vocal…inclusion of a Soundcore product could also be a part :slightly_smiling_face:


Think you missed the sarcasm :wink:

Nope wasn’t missed, just don’t see what the need was to make a direct reference when I’m not the only mod…

Thanks @Loz for the update, can’t wait to try out a few of the new speakers. I wouldn’t mind rocking 4 or 5 of the flares during a Barbeque or party.

I would love to see ANC in more earbuds, but more so we need transparency mode to work in every earbud coming out. That would go a long way in keeping people happy.


I would love an ANC pair of earbuds like the 1more ANC TWS earbuds

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Perhaps last.fm integration with the collective? Showing the current playing track would be a cool feature in my opinion.

Perhaps you could even incorporate tracks scrobbled per week into a small amount of points for the leaderboard?

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@Loz, how about these products that were announced last year… Any updates?

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Some good stuff here. Need to refresh a few other products with USB-C while you are upgrading things, but an interesting list. And ANC does sound great.

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Not that I can openly discuss :wink:

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