Custom Linus Tech Tips Liberty Air 2 Pro Giveaway | Enter Here

We’ve teamed up with the tech tips master himself, Linus, to give away 10 custom edition LTT Liberty Air 2 Pro! Click here now to enter.

And, as an exclusive surprise for the Soundcore Collective, we’ve lined up another prize … We’re not going to tell you what it is just yet, but we’ll announce the winner, and the prize, here on March 8th.

Let us know your top tech tip in the comments below for a chance to get your hands on the exclusive mystery prize. Hint: the weirder the better.

Good luck! :raised_hands:

Rules :

  • One entry per person;
  • Winners will be announced here on the Collective on March 8th
  • Winners will be contacted directly here on the Collective;
  • Soundcore reserves the right of final explanation;
  • Comment in this thread only to enter.

So I have seen this one actually not too long ago. I was finding my son bends my Anker lighting cable too much.

So I found a tip that was stating to take the spring from a pen and to fasten it to the end of your cable. It should give it extra support and help prevent it from fraying.

Here is my own personal tech tip that I do. I take a pop socket and put it on my Power bank. This allows you to sit the power bank up and use it as a stand and charge it as well

As always, I thank you.


My top tech tip is to make sure you always have enough power! :zap:
Whether it be to charge your smartphone, smartwatch, the original Soundcore portable speaker (yes mine is still going strong) or to charge your Liberty Air 2 Pro earphones (if you’re lucky enough to own a pair).
To do this I use the best anker wall charger and wireless WavePad when around the house for ease and efficiency. And when on the move I make sure I have my PowerCore power bank just in case!


I Like and now using liberty air 2, I want the Liberty air 2 pro too. Soundcore is amazing

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Thanks for this opportunity to win these stunning custom Liberty Air 2 Pro’s.

My top tech tip is to have charging points with wireless and USB connections in each room where I am likely to spend any time.

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I like the style

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Want one of these as they look really out of this world!

Fingers crossed

They look amazing!

Love the look and LTT, seems like a win win!

First of all these custom Liberty Air Pro 2 are straight :fire: :ok_hand: :100: :heart_eyes: :raised_hands:
Whoever gets these is representing to the max.

My tech tip is simple…i have 3 kids under age 9. There is so much tech going on in my house, organization is key. But the best thing i did, was instead of limiting my kids and stuffing things away, was I teach each of them how to properly care for their stuff including charging rules and cleaning.
My one son even created a charging station using his matress and bedframe to lock his tablet in place during home schooling.
Teach them to respect and understand technology early and they wont abuse it later.

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The custom edition LTT Liberty Air 2 Pro’s look AMAZING!!! I’m going to throw out the top tech tip that EVERYBODY hates to hear, but are amazed when it does work. Power off your tech and power it back. The hard shut off sometimes does the trick. You just don’t want to hear that if you are calling someone for trouble shooting haha!

They look dope first of all
Now to the Weird tech tip … how to take macro photos : magnifying glass under your cell phone’s camera lens…
Another one … there is actually a best time to post on social media for maximum reactions between 5 and 7pm

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Pro tip: If your device is not connecting well to chargers you might need to blow out any dust, lint, etc. from the charging port with compressed air. To get the round air tube into the smaller flat port, take a pair of pliers and flatted the about a 1/4" of the tube so it will fit into the port.

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They are outstanding!

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LTT limited edition will be an awsome pair to have

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Hey @Loz thanks again for another great opportunity to win a pair of these headphones.
The customisation on these are nothing short of amazing.

My top tip, although not really wierd is to buy an accessory bag.
My cables used to end up being a big knot in the bottom of my laptop bag or cupboard at home.
Since being a bit more organised about things I haven’t lost a lead or charger since.



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