"Frames II" wishlist

I got the Frames in April, 5 months ago and I’ve worn them almost every day since. I didn’t take with me camping (used X10 for that) but I use the Frames a lot.

I got them with the Landmark front

I am on my 3rd unit. Two previous units failed, 1st unit went totally dead, 2nd unit the left side dead, 3rd worked fine now for months.

For darker periods I also got some Cafe front.

Wishlist for a revision (made up placeholder name) “Frames II”:

  • improved battery life. Considering how chunky is the sides having around 5 hours is a little light. I do carry a spare charging cable with me and make use of any static periods to top-up
  • IP rating. I’d like to wear moving in driving rain. Ideally IPX5 but even IPX4 would be useful. Currently when it’s due to be raining I don’t use them.
  • a clear large lens front. So something large lens like Landmark but clear, for darker/night. The Cafe I have are small lens which lets more debris in.
  • a wrap-round front to keep cold winter air away from tearducts. If you bike in cold weather the eyes water without the more specialist cycling goggles types. I’d like this asap before say November.

Hopefully someone is reading…


I am lucky on no issues yet.

I agree on a little longer battery life. It feels like it it over before it gets started especially if worn on multiple days.

Hope the lens for the version 2 will work with the version 1.

As stated previously, I would love to have regular arms attachments so that you can make a regular sunglasses for use by others as well.


If the shape has not changed it would work.
But who knows,
Other style other shape and there is no more use for the expensive lenses.
I know a good pair of optical lenses ( non reflecting, coated and hardened) is quite expensive.

Well, I was thinking more of the connecting tips of the arms that connected to the frames. If they tweak that design for say an issue that was encountered then it would not but if the same, it should be a good selling point for both as the version one may get more front frames as well as version 2 (assuming other front frames are made).

I think it would cool if they could do a wireless charging on them as well.

I think me or @The_Professor would be more than willing to help test a second version of these.

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An alternating electrical circuit creates an alternating magnetic field. That magnetic field makes electrons want to go in circles.


Hence for you to use induction you need a circular pattern, otherwise the electrons radiate energy back out (less efficient)

The only loop on the Frames is the lens front. Yes you can place one there, but then it would make the front heavier.

I think that’s why it’s just a magnetic connector.

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Well I guess it will have to do then lol

The only other thing I could think of is that they could make a connector wireless. I did buy a second one as the one that came in the box was just too thin.

A charging case would be logical. The fact they haven’t released one tells me either the Frames has not been a commercial success, or they are doing a totally different design of Frames along with a case option at launch.

Such a case could wirelessly recharge like the higher-end TWS bud case.


Photochromic/Adaptive Lenses would be cool, like Transition lenses.


I want to read this over and hear from different points of view so i am saving it for later to read real well , thanks for this thread :slight_smile:

So far so good I love the frames but I realise the frame styles are limited especially if you have a slightly wider face. The Landmarks are so narrow but you get the impression they are huge when you try them on with the Soundcore virtual try-on via the website. The Frames 2 must be compatible with the these ones for sure alongside a solid charging case would be much appreciated. So far, these have been very laudable effort from Soundcore.

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I did not realize the frames are so narrow hmmm that might be a deal breaker for me

Small- Frame Dimensions : Frame Width: 137mm, Lens Width: 48mm, Bridge Width: 20mm.

Standard- * Frame Dimensions : Frame Width: 144mm, Lens Width: 56mm, Bridge Width: 18mm.

There are two sizes. Small and Standard. You can see the dimensions above. I believe all of the Landmarks are smaller.

I have like 3 pairs of lenses. Tour, one of the Landmark, and Promenade. I have tried the Landmark and they are ok but as stated with a wider head , you will probably need to stick with the standard lenses. It may be a better fit.

I am married and have 2 kids. So the Landmark should get used sometime down the line.

A few of the models are going for 99 dollars with coupon. I would almost be tempted to just get one of those set if they had one of the lenses I liked (99- 29(cost of lens)=70.) or if I felt I needed another pair.

I doubt you’d find them narrow. Their very nature needs to be hugging to work but I don’t find them tight and what I usually get of $20 glasses fit similar width.

If one gets a new pair of glasses from an optician
the side pieces are individually adjusted by bowing.
(If plastic these are a little bit heated to get this done perfectly.)

Could this be done with this frames to make them fit perfectly on head and ears?

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I think yes they can be.

When you think they can put all the electronics and small speakers in say the A40, they should be able to put the same electronics with larger battery and larger speakers in something smaller than current product, so there’s bendable metal in required spots.

However, I don’t think they will do that, it serves a niche.

For anyone interested this is the insides of the Frames


Thank you for the insight.
From technical feeling its impossible to bend it for a fitting shape (ears, head)
if done so, damage will be the result.

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Well for me given the battery is large, and has two speakers, it does need to be larger than a TWS bud, but even so it does not need to be as large.

They probably are wise to put the battery at the rear for balance less likely to fall off, but the middle part can be thinner. I see scope to be thinner, they can probably tune the electronics


That would make it more efficient and improve battery life.

I hope the Frames was seen as a success within Anker and they make a successor, it was a very good initial offering.

You are talking about technical improvements, fine.
But I wear glasses since I was 20 :laughing:
And I need frames which are comfortable for me to wear and have to fit absolutely perfect.
No pressure marks on head and ears…
No “chaffing” etc.
No easy falling down/off if these are not fitting perfectly.

This was the reason I asked.

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The battery is the heaviest component. If they moved it forwards so the rear was empty and you could bend them, then I suspect the reviews would be tend to fall off when you look down.

If they put the battery as far back as possible but still have the rear flexible then it would have to rest just fore of the speaker making a chunky middle and look like something from Bose.

I think on balance (pun) they made the right engineering decision here meaning a rigid side which doesn’t fit everyone.

They can thin the sides down so it chaffes less. But then the sensors would struggle more with wear detection. They probably can solve that.