It’s Friday, So Let’s Share Music!

Happy Friday!

I’ve still not got a standout song of the summer yet, what about you guys? Is there any song that you’ve had on replay throughout these long summer days?

As usual, make sure you’re following the Soundcore playlist on Spotify (and like it and download it to your phone so it automatically updates each week)!

If you want your favorite songs to make it onto the playlist this is what you need to do:

  • Share Youtube videos of up to 3 songs by 3 different artists in the comments below. Songs can stay on the playlist for up to 2 weeks.

Last week we also had a poll to see which song you were most enjoying and Wishing Well by Juice WRLD won! Congrats to @Mike2468 who will receive 15 Giveaway Tickets! :partying_face:

Make sure you share your songs below!


My suggestions this week:

SG Lewis, Robyn, Channel Tres - Impact

Troye Sivan - Rager teenager!

Machine Gun Kelly - concert for aliens


Congrats @Mike2468 on the win. Thanks @Hannah for curating.

I’ll put some thought in for today’s music…



Windows down summer driving music. My go to for the summer. Lauper’s is obvious a classic, but I love this cover.

Ataris - Boys of Summer


Had to pop in the way back time machine for one of these…

Apocolyptica ft. Brent smith - Not strong enough
Cello and hard rock… great song!‬

‪Hunter Brothers - just wanted you to know (silo sessions)‬
‪Great acoustical enviro - inside a grain bin…wot!!!‬

‪Pam Gerrand - pray rain‬
‪Haunting cello and great up tempo song‬

I’m thinning I’m getting this figured out :wink:

Hope you enjoy.


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Hmm let’s see if I can think of any
the final count down has been stuck in my head for a while so it should be stuck in everyone else’s too :joy:

Summer of 69 has been playing during a lot of hockey games I’ve been watching

And for those who just need this song


Don’t forget rock the night and Cherokee…

Now final countdown will be in my head for at least 100 times… oh wait that’s a different thread :wink:



Congrats @Mike2468! I’m not sure if Spotify will have songs I like so will have to check it out. If not people can just enjoy it here :joy:

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Time for 3 more great suggestions


My favorite Band - Dispatch -

Amber by 311

More Than You Know by Axwell Ingrosso

BONUS Track - The most amazing thing to see EVERYONE in the crowd moving at the same time.
Crowd Control by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike


For my suggestion, it would be something my mom used to put on back when I was a child. She told me she used to put this song and 1 or 2 others while during my lunch time and one day I randomly started saying out colors of clothes as they came up in the video of the song while being in a completely different room where the TV wasn’t playing.

This is the just audio version:

Song: Suraj Hua Maddham
Artists: Alka Yagnik (f) and Sonu Nigam (m)


Some good songs on the lists here.

It is Hannah’s fault from the list earlier this week, but I have had Gotye’s “somebody that you used to know” in my head all week.


Just caught the new rotation this aft, doing yard work… was mighty fine!
Noticed some of them had cello, and some great guitar riffs.

Looks like we’re leaving the ground… @ktkundy

Will be great to listen to this all this upcoming week.

Thanks again @Hannah



That Blink song is :fire:

Rubbish compared to their old stuff, but still worth listening to.

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@Hannah I edited my original one to include two other songs I hope that’s ok

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sure! you can share up to 3 songs :grinning:

hahaha, that song is still such an earworm!

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I was actually thinking about putting this song in my list -

Also - if you haven’t seen this cover by Walk off The Earth - its pretty good - 5 people - 1 guitar.