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Welcome to the Liberty 3 Pro megathread where you can find all the latest reviews! Here’s where you’ll find all the latest news, reviews, and accolades as people all around the world #GoldenSound for the first time. Be sure to check back periodically as this space will be updated as new reviews come in! :musical_note:

Updated: 10/11/21

Articles :writing_hand:

“If you want a premium pair of TWS earbuds that provide best-in-class ANC (active noise canceling) along with a stunning sound that’s fulsome and detailed thanks to the combination of Knowles balanced armature and a punchy dynamic driver, the Liberty 3 Pro could be your best bet.”

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Digital Trends
“They also look decidedly more high-end, with a mirror-like finish and chrome accents.”

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"Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro in-ears make hi-res wireless audio more affordable. Flair with Sounds, Fair in Pounds”

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“The Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro sound good. Really good, in fact, after a quick tweak to the in-app EQ, but I’ll talk about that more after the out-of-the-box listening experience.”

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Mighty Gadget
“The Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro ticks about every box you could want from a pair of TWS earbuds and it does it while costing significantly less than big brand names.”

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The Verge
“The new Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro earbuds support high-quality LDAC audio and at $170, they’re significantly cheaper than Sony’s WF-1000XM4”

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“30% smaller than the Liberty 2 Pro, Soundcore’s new flagship offering is all about comfort and sound quality.”

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Superior Digital Reviews
“Like the Liberty 2 Pro, the Liberty 3 Pro feature some of the best audio quality in their class. In addition, the upgraded audio drivers allow you to enable LDAC codec for even better audio quality.”

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Videos :film_projector:


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Thread already started

You’ve missed a few, two come to mind but I’m sure others exist.

Ryan shows the mic quality L2P vs L3P.


@sean.L Thanks for finding and preparing this huge set of reviews :+1:t2:.

There’s more reviews appearing today. This one has a good mic test.

Thanks for putting in the time and effort to make this thread @sean.L . :+1:

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Thanks for sharing this here @sean.L

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Is @fast_unboxer doing a video review? I particularly appreciate the in-depth and thorough testing, it complements the audio quality reviews from others.

His last Soundcore review was Life P3.

“Sponsored by myself” is a bit mean of Soundcore.

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