Loud portable speakers

If anyone could give me some honest opinions?
Looking for a super loud portable outdoor speaker

Got a motion boom plus but find the quality a little underwhelming at high volume

Does anyone know if the ue hyperboom or jbl boombox 2 or any others are any better (probably shouldn’t be asking this on a Soundcore forum) as I’ve heard many mixed reviews about all 3

Thanks and have a good day

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Not easy to answer your question.
May be other manufacturers have “louder” ones.
But I have never tested.
The best you would take a look at all these “true and honest” :laughing: propaganda reviews about bt speakers.
Don’t forget the louder the faster battery drains and the more is the distortion at those high volumes.

And at last ; Noise is also a kind of pollution! :laughing:

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Great reply

Down at the beach noise pollution isn’t to bad
Watched so many reviews and got hundreds of answers

Looking for something that goes as loud as the motion boom plus but with a little better sound quality at the top end

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Good luck finding such a speaker
May be others got an idea.

Btw ;: Did you play around with the volume adjustments:
High volume at the speaker’s side and low one at the bt bt source.
Vice and versa.
I use my tiny Flare minis at high level on the speakers and low one the computer.
Never tried these at highest volume.
No beach, only 20 sqm pensioner’s home office. :rofl:

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If not I may go and see if I can go and test out some stuff and see what I like best
Thank you

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Sound is subjective and based on what you’re used to, there’s no better or worse.

I can only say I have the Motion+ and I find it sounds good (for me).

Suggest you stick with what you have and use custom EQ. You’ll eventually not notice the sound.


Thanks man
Sounds like good advice
Will try a little longer with the custom Eq and see what I can get from the motion boom plus

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And depends on the music you are listening to.
Often when a car is passing by I think those in there must be totally deaf.

“BOOM BOOM BOOM” The whole car is shaking,.

Buy shares from manufacturers of hearing aids!!! :rofl:


Of course playing around with eq is very necessary.
And there is no adjustment fitting for all.
You have to find your own and this will take while and depend so much on the music you are playing.
You have to play around with these adjustments a lot.

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True but also most of human perception passes through brain processes which are biased to detecting change. So initially a sound may appear harsh because it’s different to what you’re used to , then you stop hearing the difference and then the next different speaker then sounds harsh, etc etc.

Half of the way to do a “custom EQ” is just ignoring it.

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True but at high volume the sound is really low quality on the motion boom plus
Looking into the Bose s1 pro as it looks like a bigger but interrelating option

There’s plenty of Boom Plus Vs … Videos now.

There’s a discussion of the sound and custom EQ here

He mentions sound quality at 8m10s in, and then shows a custom EQ he did to mitigate the sound quality at 10m38s

I’m happy with what I have, motion+ is plenty loud for me, sounds fine. In fact my tablets have stereo speakers so good I just use them and only need a speaker for my laptop, the Motion+ works well, when outside I use Frames to keep freedom and ambient sound.

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Thanks man
Great help from everyone
Amazing community

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I’ll add a couple of things:

  1. I have 2 Motion Booms (not the +). When I added the second one absolute (maximum) volume increased substantially (iirc it went up by 7 db). When you add a second 1. Not only are you doubling the power, but also doubling the divers surface area. Not that I play them at Max, I was just testing.
  2. It would be bad forum to promote another companies speakers here. That being said I’m extremely happy with my 2 Motion Booms and highly doubt I could get anything comparable at the same price point, at least I haven’t heard anything.

Sound advice (pun)

I’d recommend anyone who wants to use TWS (two speakers) to buy them at the same time from the same store. There’s a small risk of different hardware versions and TWS needs identical hardware.

The advantage of two speakers is you’re going to experience typically on average louder sound as you are on average nearer one of the speakers.

The disadvantage of two speakers is TWS can be fiddly to get working for some, at least initially.

If speaker play time battery life is important then consider also having Anker Powercore connected to each to extend playing time.

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I was considering doing 2 motion booms but it’s a nuisance to being around 2 speakers the whole time

I am always using a pair of speakers in TWS mode.
It depends were you are using these.

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Often gonna be going out and about with them
Beach / pools / countryside
Much easier to have 1 thing to carry then 2


Have you played the Boom Plus you have at the volume level you want and measured battery life?

In theory that could be a problem as while the speakers have a huge 80W the battery within is 96Wh and there’s indirect evidence not all the 96Wh is available.

That may influence your decision.

The Motion+ has a 25Wh battery, quarter of the Boom+

OK I understand
But at home, I use my 2 Flares mini (TWS).
An I can tell you two of these are more than a double of sound .

Never forget the higher the volume the more the battery drains. :grin: