Mic issue windows 10 soundcore life Q35

I had an issue on my new headphones , using two of my laptops, the Mic would not work on blue tooth.
I could hear sound but no Mic

I solved it by doing the following.
Headset: turn it off
On my Android: Turned off blue tooth on my paired Android in case it was an issues.
On Windows 10 :
Went to the bluetooth, found Soundcore device and removed the deivce,
Went to device manager , if I found Souncore in any of the locations I removed it:

  • Bluetooth
  • Sound Video and game controllers
  • Audio inputs and outputs.

Then reboot windows 10.

Go to bluetooth settings on PC and add device.
Turn on headphones
It showed as unknown. So I clicked it, it failed to connect first time so I turned of bluetooth on windows and turned it back on again, this time Soundcore Life Q35 showed as a device.

Go to sound settings in windows.
Output :select Headphones ( Soundcore life Q35 35 stereo)
Input: select Headset ( Soundcore Life Q35 Hands free AG audio)

For Microsoft Teams settings , devices:
Audio device: Soundcore Life Q35 Hands free AG audio)
Speaker: Headset ( Soundcore Life Q35 Hands free AG audio)
Microphone: Headset ( Soundcore Life Q35 Hands free AG audio)

The Mic then started working.

I hope this helps anyone with the same issues.


Thanks for sharing. It can be helpful.

Excellent, thanks for putting in the effort to fix and write it up, I’m adding to a thread where I collect such tips.


When setting to “Soundcore Life Q35 Hands free AG audio” for speaker and for microphone on MS Teams over Windows 10, will it make the audio output and input on “mono” (not stereo)?

Does the ANC feature still works during your MS Teams meetings, with the input/output set to “Soundcore Life Q35 Hands free AG audio”?