Photo Of The Week | Soundcore & Halloween

Happy Halloween! :ghost:

Time to show off your Soundcore products with a creepy Halloween twist! :jack_o_lantern:

Post your entries below! :camera_flash:

Well you did ask.

Recovering from broken leg, looks a little Halloween?

(trying to make a face, eyebrows, teeth)
(this is why no exercise photo entry :frowning: )


Glad to see it’s mending well.

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Looks like your on the mend…plus you can do the following now :grin:

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Yes as I’d spotted a week ago…



Bit of an old one from last year…weather isn’t the best at the moment for a fresh outdoor shot…maybe later in the week…

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That’s really creepy halloween @The_Professor
Hope you are healing and getting ready for the bike!! or is it too late over there already? the temps started to drop here quite a bit.


Thanks did 1 mile bike ride yesterday, today deliberately resting to allow for it to tell me I shouldn’t bike, tomorrow if feel fine then I’ll bike a bit further. Work my way up. It’s only really my knee from the titanium rod insert below knee which is causing me grief. So the “cure” is proving worse than the accident.

Bone typically is strong after 6 weeks so I’m mostly just minimising atrophy and stretching now in week 5…


Oh this is gonna be great. I am a big halloween fan.

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Heres mine, its my Oogie Boogie mask on top of the Trance, with my Mask of Lock on the bottom sporting the Liberty 2 pro for eyes and lil oogie boogie holding up the L2P case


Good to know @The_Professor seems you are ready for the next spell.
@Tank The work on L2P looks cool Rob :ok_hand:


Really well done. I like the black light photo the best… well fitting of halloween.

Can’t wait to see all of the masks finished.

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wow those look great!!!

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Ill see if i can come up with one but im swamped with classes right now

Yeah have to check to see what I can come up up with as well.

Pumpkin head with the Life Q10


Im gonna post mine along with my costume on Halloween.

Tricks or Treats…


Gonna be using my Powercore to power my suit

Gotta love fam activities and the wonderfully creative thoughts of young kids.

Spent day carving this, and check out Frankies’ neck bolts… L2Ps…

Rocking in style