Q30 - switching between normal and noise canceling modes issues

Hi! I noticed that when I’m switching between normal mode, indoor noise canceling and outdoor noise canceling in Soundcore app something weird happens. After switching normal mode -> indoor noise canceling it looks good , but then when I switch from indoor -> outdoor it feels like noise canceling is not working (and I can hear sound quality like in normal mode). Then, after switching from indoor -> outdoor noise canceling nothing happens in case of sound quality (still like in normal mode). Then after switching from outdoor noise canceling mode to normal it looks like noise canceling turns on but it should not. It fixes when I turn the transparent mode on and turn back to normal mode and now it sounds as expected. Does someone have the same issue? I’ve cleaned app cache and reset headphones (turned + and on for 5 seconds) and the issue still occurs.

After some more investigation I noticed that the problem is indoor and outdoor noise canceling options. When I switch to transport I hear that noise canceling is working, but after switching to outdoor or indoor, noise canceling is simply not working. After switching back to transport noise canceling is working again. Seriously am I the only one who has that problem? I have 1.60 firmware installed in my Q30s and the version of SoundCore app is 2.3.0

You are not the only one. I have the exact same issue.
When switching from normal or transparent to ANC, or when I turn them on at first place, I have to reselect Indoor or Outdoor mode via widget or I get no bass whatsoever. I thought the problem was with the Soundcore app and I tried uninstalling it but that did not help.

It looks like it is a bug in noise canceling option synchronization between headphones and the app. Hope that some devs will read this and fix that in the next software update.

Good troubleshooting, hopefully they can take this and fix the problem.

I have the same issue, I bought the headphones few days ago and came out of the box straight with 1,6 firmware version, I don’t have any idea that Noice canceling issue appears just with 1,6 version or is a hardware issue, can someone to confirm that this problem appear just after firmware update or was there even with 1,5 version? I think seriously to send back and ask for refund.

New firmware update 1.70 but unfortunately the issue with noise canceling is still there, very frustrating, guys do you have the same issue or is just my headset with this problem?

Same here - new firmware, but same noise cancelation modes switching problem. Maybe this bug is only on Android app and it is not present on iOS version?