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For reference this is 11.1lbs heavier than Rave Neo (18.8lbs vs 7.7lbs) but rated 9db louder (107db vs 98db). I know the Rave Neo can really go as high as 103db with custom EQ. Two of them would get you another 3db or so. An increase of 3dB doubles the sound intensity but a 10dB increase is required before a sound is perceived to be twice as loud. With that being said - should be interesting to see if the Rave+ improves upon its predecessor, which was not so great.

Also - is this the loudest soundcore speaker?

I really can’t tell what the difference is between the rave and the rave+ other than IPX rating. Even the model number is the same.

The plus offers a fully customizable EQ, while the original offers only an indoor or outdoor preset. The plus also offers PartyCast which allows it to pair with 100+ Soundcore speakers that also support PartyCast.

Yep… I can … ahahahaha darnit…but know that d10 will likely be here soon but I’m serious I wish soundcore would do a speaker like one I mentioned. Give us 1 big or 2 woofers 2 drivers 2 tweeters a ton of power . Power that runs steady whether plugged in or not… no lights just solid sound and build quality… . Make it fully compatible with soundcore app and charge 250 to 400 bucks… watch em sell out in a hurry cuz gaurantee id be first one to buy one… id even advertise it as… not your typical muddy party speaker but the best sounding speaker made for serious audio junkies… or somethin like that!!! If I was soundcore id be like guys and girls we r going to do to the bluetooth speaker world what we did to the wireless earbud world with our liberty 2 pro… we r gonna make the best sounding and loudest one made… heck charge 500… just look at jbl . They’re selling out 310 partybox speakers everywhere and those are 499.99… just imagine how well soundcore would do with similar set up but serious sound!!! Gary I need to start my YouTube channel and start building some custom speakers in my garage!!!

Rave+ say, when I heard about his I thought they made a bigger one or something and then I thought it was just a louder one but then I found out what it was pretty much the same for another 30 doll hairs (dollars), but they should really make a bigger. I mean why not. :thinking:

Yesssssss, Soundcore could REALLY make a bigger speaker or try to make the loudest portable speaker ever, maybe not even portable just super loud and with a heck of a lot of BASS oooooo, crazy just thinking what Soundcore could really do with their speakers. Mmmmmmm :relieved:. Shoot I’ll buy it for $1000 if I have to.

They have a couple of challenges with really big speakers.

The postage and delivery getting to you, for a primarily online seller.
The postage back if warranty issues.
Amazon locker has max size.
Can’t be battery powered, if they tried then the large battery causes shipping issues which is impacting the Powerhouse.

I think Partycast has some advantages, but needs improvement to support stereo separation which probably means a Partycast II incompatible with existing.

Partycast you can place speakers around, in front behind, can attach different channels. But they have to move control to the app to allow individual EQ to get the balance required.

There’s me thinking as an engineer again…

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The right … stop talking about it and be about it :smile: I’ll be your first subscriber :raised_hand: haha … we’ll take care man! :v::pray:

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Heard from a really good source can’t exactly say but I’m on their community as I write this lol that only main difference between the rave and rave + is that the rave + has the partycast option to be used with other partycast speakers!! Just got that email today !! Professor …thanks for always sharing your sources on here and all the info that comes with them. Take care

Is the Rave TWS?

Yes, yes it is.

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Personally, I don’t see going from TWS to Partycast as an improvement. I’s rather have True Wireless Stereo as opposed to speakers running in Mono.

I see Partycast II as inevitable. Choose the channel per speaker in the app.

The underlying electronics is out now.

My only concern is the consumer, knowing what they are getting, I’d prefer new product names to make it clear, not same product names with different features.

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If you had the choice to run Partycast as stereo pairs, I’d be all for it. As of now, that’s not the way it is.

That is purely an engineering decision. It can be done. At some point the consumer gets the choice.

The FCC reports show exactly how it has been done. The Partycast method is the primary shares its MAC with the secondaries, they can spoof the primary, pick up the signal and transmit. But because the the EQ is different, and spectrum, it is Mono. The TWS method is alternating signals master/slave so can do stereo.

To do shared stereo can be done. Just wait.

I agree with you 100 percent!!!

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Personally I’m not sure I will ever even need a speaker this big but that’s just me. I wish Soundcore would make a home audio system kind of like how Logitech has ones for the computer with like five speakers you set up and a sub woofer

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I believe that is possible.

You’d have one bluetooth connection - aka Master, it is what is paired with.

The master would then share it’s MAC (network address) with various slaves.

The media connection would be to the master, the data connection to master+slaves.

Each master/slave would then be visible to an app, which then lets each speaker to tweak it’s settings - so a swarm of speakers to the app, appearing as one logical physical speaker.

You’d then do what you said, you’d tell one speaker it’s left, another it’s right, another it’s mono, you’d tend to make the heavier (weight) speakers to act as bass, others (lighter) for treple, and you’d place them physically around the room.

I’d call it Partycast II.

And thus I invented Soundcore’s next big thing. ™


That would be an excellent advancement for Soundcore to make.

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