Soundcore Stories | Ask Me Anything w. The Life Headphone Product Manager

Today, we’re giving you the chance to go behind-the-scenes with Soundcore’s product design team—specifically the people behind the Life series of headphones :headphones:

Listen to this week’s podcast with my surprise co-host @Hannah as we caught up with Dorothy, Soundcore’s Brand Manager, and Christy, our Life Series Product Manager as they answer questions from the Soundcore community!

Learn more about the upcoming launch HERE




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Hannah’s on too


Always good to be able to put a voice against the name :smile:

When is it? If I missed it, will there be a replay?

@supersmacker1234 Click the web browser or Apple/Spotify links in the first post to play the podcast.

Hannah’s been on before. At least once e.g.

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I believe that she gave the Wakey its name in that interview


Yes I remember it but not sure which podcast it was

Think this one

I can read around 5 times faster than listen so not a fan of information received oral / video.

I know, I was meaning generically for the team names we often read but rarely (if ever) hear.

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Anyone counting how many times “cool” is said. Answers on a postcard.

Looking forward to bright creme colour.

(Making up… Or am I)

Seems we should all quit Collective and send feedback from Amazon reviews.

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Thanks for doing what I asked

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Nice podcast. Thanks for asking my questions.


Nice. Great to have more of the team on. Let’s see if we can get the big man himself, Steven! :wink:

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Probably one of my favorite podcasts. As a computer engineering student I think the questions about design and implementation of things were really interesting. It was also great to have some of my questions answered and little hints at the coming headphones

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Been such a long time since I heard one of these podcasts. Can’t wait to get a pair of these headphones myself. This podcast really got my excitement on another level.

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Stream sounded like a lot of fun. Great questions and super excite to see what holds in store next week.

@Loz nice to see you’re back, how’d the rowing go?

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Glad you enjoyed it! It’s always fun to get some of the team involved to try and answer some questions from the community! :grinning: Hope to do more of these soon!

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Thank you for the info. I’m new to the collective and becoming more and more of a Soundcore fan. Thanks for being cool.