What Would You Ask a Grammy Winning Audio Producer? | #SoundcoreSundays

In this week’s #SoundcoreSundays we’ll be sitting down with two titans of the audio industry, so we’re giving you the chance to ask them anything! Here’s who we have coming on the show …

Darrell Thorp

  • 8 x Grammy Award Winning Audio Producer :trophy:
  • Has worked with Beck, Radiohead, Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters, Brandi Carlile, Priscila Ahn, Holy Bouncer, Chris Shiflett, Anderson East, Atoms for Peace, AIr, Foster the People and more.

Alex Pasco

  • 4 x Grammy Award Winning Audio Producer :trophy:
  • Has worked with Beck, Céline Dion, Harry Styles, P!nk, Jonas Brothers, Liam Gallagher, Take That, Paul McCartney, London Grammar, Kelly Clarkson, Sia, Ellie Goulding, Carlie Rae Jepsen and more.

Both Alex and Pasco worked with us reviewing and perfecting Liberty 2 Pro, and you can find their listening EQs inside the Soundcore app!

So, what will you ask them? We’ll take the best questions from down below and pitch them directly to Darrell and Alex!. Leave your questions down below :point_down:


If you weren’t an audio engineer, what other job in the music industry would you like to do?

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Winning a Grammy is great but is there one more special than there others. (Meaning the competition was real good and you felt that you could have lost just as easily.

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What is your secret


Wouldn’t we all want to know that :joy:


I’ve been curious recently about what attracted all the Grammy winning engineers to work with Soundcore. I’m sure you guys reached out to them but what was the motivation or reason behind them accepting to work with Soundcore? (I’m sure @sean.L and @Loz can word this better :sweat_smile:)


Was there any musician that you worked with that you couldn’t believe you and the chance to work with. Like did you fan boy over any of them


Wasnt there such a questioning recently.
( sound engineering )
We were asking questions but got no answers. :roll_eyes:

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A few were asked, but quite a few of the questions came in after we had already finished recording with the engineer - If I remember correctly you’ve asked about some of these engineers setups previously? I’ve made a note of that question to ask these guys :+1:

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Wonder if you could ask something along the lines of:

What was the one thing you had learned in working with the musicians you had / have, that you brought to the development / design of the liberty 2 pros (soundstage, app, eq settings, physical design, etc).

Thanks guys for the opportunity to inquire :face_with_monocle:

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I was asking what kind of software they use.