Will Soundcore Life Q30 get a firmware update?

Many thanks to all the engineers behind this product. It’s nice to see you pay attention to users feedback.


Thanks for the update. Yes, I’m familiar with upgrades being rolled out in phases and will wait my turn.

It is good you managed to understand what was the problem and a fix for it.

If you wanted some constructive feedback it would have been to say a little earlier that you knew what was the issue and a fix was being worked on release TBD. We didn’t know if a permanent issue or not til the beta 1.80 secretly came out.

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Thank you for clarifying! So far I can confirm it runs great, the Q30s got a lot more hours of both business and private calls with 1.80 and am mightily impressed! I received very positive feedback. Since music plays an important role in the type of business I’m in, I now happily recommend these for all-day use. Literally everyone I know is in home office right now, so the tools and gadgets everyone’s using come up as a topic in most conversations anyway. Thanks and keep it up please :+1:

EDIT: Sorry if I stirred things up a bit. Fixed my thread over at Reddit so it references here and also added the info you gave us.

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For those who received firmware 1.80 the NC problem has been fixed by this update or we’llreceive a future update which will fix this issue?

Might help if you summarised it here what is the remaining outstanding issue. “The NC problem” probably doesn’t precisely track the exact issue. Did you log it with support?

In "normal "mode the sound is very good , switching to "transparency " the sound is still good but when I switch to NC (transport ) the bass drops out massively, in fact has a "transistor effect " sounds like a tiny can ,switching to NC outdoor mode the sound come back to normal in fact no more noise canceling with this mode, the same story if I switch to NC indoor, in fact only the transport mode works ( cut some noise ) but the sound is absolutely horrible, In my case NC is useless, I saw lots of users on amazon, reddit etc wrote in their comments about the same issue, I thought is a general problem and waiting for a fix via firmware update. However even here on this community a read some users describe the same issue. I’m still confuse , this is a general bug or my pair is faulty, but I’m not the only one , other users describe the same problem.

Other description here from different users Soundcore Q30 with micky mouse sound while ANC on

Just the slight drop in bass when turning ANC on but imo that makes the Q30 sound better, less boomy and more refined as the bass still reaches very deep yet more precise than in Normal mode. As for the 3 ANC modes: no audible sound difference between them. All three cancel a good amount of sound with Transport helping a bit more when in a combustion engine powered car. Overall I prefer Outdoor since it helps with traffic noise and also works best for heaters, fans, the fridge, water boiler and my own steps when walking in the house.
So all in all I don’t see a problem here with my pair, and that’s been the case ever since I got them with FW 1.50.

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I forgot to mention my pair came direct with 1,6 and the problem still there even after 1,7 update, can you confirm which version you have now?

I’m on 1.80 now but used them daily for over a month now, going through 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 as they arrived one after the other over time. ANC and sound sig have been consistent for me: cheap, boomy bass out of the box but slightly more refined and high-res sounding with ANC on. All my EQ settings are tweaked to sound best with ANC and for most of them, I emphasized highs and more or less reduced the 200Hz area to get rid of bloated bass, then upped 100Hz to regain some deep bass at the low end. Listening to a lot of different genres: classical, neo-classical/soundtrack both orchestral and chamber (mostly Bach cello), electronic soundtrack (mostly FlyByNo), reggae, indie, stoner, doom and some 90s US death metal and very early black metal, singer/songwriter, black men blues, old drum & bass, afro beat and balkan beat as well as afro and balkan jazz and some smooth jazz. So yh got a few EQ settings done to choose from depending on mood and music played.
So far I’m happy, albeit the built quality seems better at first glance than it actually is for a daily driver, but that’s a different story haha.

Edit: if there’s one thing that should be added in an update (app rather than FW I guess): I’d love a 50Hz slider added, so I could up the even lower low end and keep 100 and 200 Hz clean, that would be awesome as far as sound and customization goes. Used that a lot with my old (and newer) Cowon players back then in wired mobile times.


Hey, you beat the official account to the news. That isn’t stirring things up, that is good communication skills. They could learn from that.


Yeah, whenever I use my Q20’s in a discord call, the audio and mic quality goes down significantly to where it sounds like a 2001 MP3 file.

Typo or wrong thread?

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My Q30 got 1.8 FW update a moment ago. Checked on the call quality and recorded a voice memo on my iPhone, they are all good now, significant improvement! Almost return this back and replace it with Q20, my wait pays off. Thanks to soundcore engeering teams!

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Nice !
I would love to receive the 1.8 update as well asap!!

I just got an update on mine about a week ago… said to fix the low volume when using 3.5mm jack but also said to fix other bugs

It’s due for next week.

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Also, how do you update firmware? And are there any for q20 or liberty neos?

List of mobile app supported devices:

  • Liberty Series
    • Liberty 2 Pro
    • Liberty Air 2
    • Liberty 2
  • Life Series
    • Life Q30
    • Life Tune
    • Life Dot 2 NC
    • Life NC
  • Flare Series
    • Flare 2
    • Flare
    • Flare +
    • Flare 5+
  • Party Series
    • Trance Go
    • Rave PartyCast
    • Rave Neo
    • Rave
    • Rave Mini
    • Trance
    • Mega
  • Wakey
    • Wakey
  • Motion Series
    • Motion Boom
    • Motion+
  • PowerConf Series
    • PowerConf S3
    • PowerConf
  • Other
    • Soundcore Mini 3
    • Boost (Upgraded)
    • Model Zero
    • Model Zero +
    • Icon +
    • Infini Pro

List of Windows firmware update supported devices

  • Flare
  • Mini 2
  • Motion Q
  • Flare+

Q20 doesn’t have app support, so you can’t update. Liberty Neo not on the list, i’m not sure but it also doesn’t have upgradable.

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just received 1.8 firmware update.