Won't stay in ears

4 size silicone covers came with my Liberty 2, but none will stay in my ears and fall out while I’m trying to listen. Any ideas? Love them otherwise

Hey @Sue101, thanks for joining us on the forum!

One quick thing, I saw you put your post in the reviews category. That category is specifically for product reviews. I changed the category to a more appropriate category. Thanks for understanding.

As far as your question. I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “silicone covers”. Are you referring to the eartips?

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Are the ear tips too big or too small?

You can give these a shot maybe?

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As much as I love my liberty air 2, I was ready to get rid of them as the fit was never very secure and they did not stay in place for long. I tried every single eartip but the tips that came with it are too soft and too smooth to hold them in place. The weight of the earbuds make them move and fall out.

I bought silicon eartips filled with foam (as I don’t like foam tips) and that worked perfectly!! They don’t fit in the case unless you cut the part that attaches to the earbud… but this can be done easily in 2 mins (I suggest you remove the foam, cut the rubber part, not the foam and then put it back)

Now the feel very secure and don’t fall out anymore. Noise isolation has also improved a bit.

I got medium size and are totally worth it.

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@Magec Thanks for the awesome tip. I know there are some people that the earbuds fall out. I wonder if those foam ones would be for those that say the earbuds hurt their ears. :thinking:

I never wear them for more than 3 hours and they don’t hurt. But I guess that is down to the individual. I prefer to have harder ones as they feel very secure and they don’t move as much as the soft ones do. I even can eat and they won’t fall out. Also I run with them without having to readjust them every 10 mins which is great. I was considering to buy a different set for running only but since I changed the tips I can use my liberty air 2s for everything. Again, it is all down to personal preference and each individual will have different preferences and requirements. Worth trying different tips and seeing what works best.