Change the Cafe frame glasses to diopter Glasses +2.5

My advise is to contact your optician. I am sure he will manage to replace lenses

Yes, it ´s sure i will contact my optical agent. But it is always good to know how it works :crazy_face:. I tried to find out the two parts of the frames but there is no gap visible.
So i think it will be done with pressure in one of the corners :exploding_head:.
No optical person here to explan :man_office_worker:.
Best regards from :de:


It has been asked already and see the reply - wait a week or so and information will be released by Soundcore from those beta/review/early who are trying prescription now.

Normal frames got screws to open the lenses’ mounting.
But I had such ones (wearing glasses since 45 years now)
where the lenses are mounted by pressure as you said.
Those are plastic ones of course.

To get this done the plastic needs to be warmed by a heating fan.
Should be done ONLY from those who are skilled and have a lot of experience.

That might be the way to get it done.
So I’ll have to keep my foot calmly.
The answer will come up hereby.
Best regards
Walter from :de:

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As far I see you ordered such ones.
Some detailed photos of the “hinges” would be helpful.
Measurements of distance and screws.

May be for a skilled tinkerer its possible to swap his normal sidepieces with that soundcore ones. :grin:

Take copious photos and tell us how it goes. Success stories are lacking of exactly how.

The Cafe look a glue-in?

The Promenade look a screw-in?

There is no glue or Cafe. The Promenade has screw-in. We had quite success from beta testers to replace the lenses for both these frames in China and US. We are still collecting stories from US. So please go ahead and share your experience. It should work. Thanks


Of course it will work. :grinning:
BUT you have to get exactly the fitting lenses.
The swapping is easy for a skilled person.
Lenses are never glued in the frame.
doesn’t make any sense.

Hi all, I’ve done it. My optician did the Change with out any Probs. New Glases with 2,5 fits well.
Best regards
Walter from :de:


Thanks for the follow-up letting us know, it adds confidence for others interested.

If you could share any more information like price you paid, photos before/after, it all helps others. It’s ok if you’re not wanting to share :slight_smile:

Congrats @wal12. I’m glad you got it sorted. :+1:

Great you made it and it worked.
Was it expensive?

Glad to hear that they were done with no problems

The Price for mounting and cuting was 11€ the Glases per each 130€, but they are „Gleitsichtgläser“ with wide range.

Are these frames as comfortable as you normal glasses are?
Normally these frame temples have to be adjusted to your ears by bending etc.

Yes it fits for my head good. Only when i lie on my foam pillow reading with my 12 Mini the end of the frames are reaching the foam and the are press a little bit forward.


Great that’s all OK for you.
Enjoy the weekend Walter.

Grüße aus München

Good feedback so the sides may be a little long for you?

There’s plenty of scope in the concept to make them shorter. I can see why made the decisions they did in this iteration.

Appreciate the update… it is also nice to know it is a good or decent fit. Hope to see a thread with a review after you get to play with them right now