Choose Your Music Genre Badge!

Last month I asked @Tank to put together a poll on your favorite music genres with the promise of turning some of these into Soundcore Collective Music Badges!

Well, the wait is over … Feast your eyes on these :heart_eyes:



HipHop and Rap




Jazz and Blues



Let me know your favorite genre in the comments below and I’ll get the badge added onto your profile!

Did we miss your genre? Tell me which genres you’d like added on and I’ll see about getting it done next time :eyes:


Cool designs @Loz :star_struck:

I’ll take a ‘rock’ , though are we likely to be able to get more than one going forward?

These are Awesome, thank you @Loz

I will go for ‘pop’

They look amazing! Who on the soundcore team made them? Do they have a community account?

I’ll take the classical badge for sure.

Now its OK.

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Sweet, thanks @Loz for getting these. Would be awesome if we could have more than one. But for now I’m all about that hip hop and rap…truth be told I’m all for all the badges though

The classical is the piano but yes adding a violin would cover the bases more :grin:

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I have seen now.
One of my usual mistakes … :joy:
Piano is perfect.

I listen to everything really.

But il go for the Metal badge :metal:t2:

Nice, give me Classical and Rock !

It seems like you only get one choice…

@loz btw I would like a “swing music” badge.

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Love me some Rock!

@loz can we have more than one?

Those look awesome. Can I get Edm please

Country all the way!!! :smiley:

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Do you have a Donnie and Marie Osmond badge? Cause I am a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. LOLOLOLOL

It was funny. ( If you are too young, you can google it)

I guess you can do Country badge.


I want them EDM!

Put me down for some classical then. Although lots of crossover.

I’d like House Music added as a badge. That is my genre today and always has been as a House Music DJ :headphones:

If that can’t be done, I’ll take EDM.

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