[RESOLVED] Soundcore mini 3 not connecting party cast

I just received two mini-3 and the sounds is fantastic for me and the small space I have.

However, I bought two to have party cast and they just don’t connect to each other.

I made sure I only have one paired with my phone, then followed the “long press” procedure on both, but the second one simply doesn’t connect to the primary.

Both lights are flashing white.

I tried to forget both from my phone, tried each as a primary separately. Nothing seems to work.

What am I missing?


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Hi @Ekynoxe,

The partycast is a bit fiddle farty… I’ve tried with my flare 2 and meet with success maybe 80% of the time (I only tried 4 times so far…).

So here is what I’ve tried…

Song in the clip is LØLØ - hate you and is from my speaker test playlist. And the clip is a brief excerpt from an upcoming video I am putting together.

Hope it helps, please give a try and if it doesn’t work, I can put to words.


Hi @TheSnarkyOne

Thanks for this!

It looks like yours work as per the instructions.

Mine are not the same model, but the manual shows the same thing than what you are doing.

I’m doing exactly the same with mine, but so far I’ve got 0/10 with either speaker as the primary.

I made sure the other speaker isn’t connected to anything when I tried the partycast pairing. So fa no luck. I’ll keep trying :grin:

Hey @Ekynoxe

I found that if I had them both on at the same time, they both wanted to be boss.

So after trying a bit, found this worked almost without fail… bear with me… starting from the beginning…

  • on your device, forget both of the mini 3’s
  • turn both minis off
  • turn on one mini
  • pair with your device
  • should have have button lit blue?
  • press and hold the button
  • once it turns white and blinking, turn on second mini
  • press and hold second minis button until turns white and it will take a few seconds to turn solid white
  • when done with the party or the neighbours call it in… just do everything in reverse to unpartycast…

I think what’s happening is that both minis are trying to pair with your device at same time, and with no priority ranking they deadlock.

I was getting confused with my flares so I renamed them on my iPhone to help with sequencing and pairing… funny I had to give the triplets names… they look so much alike… lol

Keep me posted how the trials go


Hi again, @TheSnarkyOne,

This would make sense, but sadly it didn’t work.
Thanks a lot for those details steps! Hopefully they will work for someone else, perhaps with flares like you have.

I did try these steps twice both ways (trying each mini as the first / master device), and they’re still not pairing and both white lights are still blinking.

I checked and sound is indeed coming only out of one of the two speakers :pensive:

I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’ll try customer support as well. Shame!

Again, thanks for your time and help :+1:t2:


Perhaps when things get working, let me (and the rest of the core) know what you did to get them to pair up.

The minis are pretty popular so I’d imagine there’d be at least a couple others that would benefit.

Hopefully it’s not faulty product. As I mentioned it’s a bit fussy at times.

Best of luck and sorry things didn’t work out with the info above.

Lol I wonder why they would call it in when they can just join the fun :rofl:

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Support should be able to help with this by Monday morning or so. If you let them know of all the steps you followed here, it would speed things up since they can rule of some basic user error right out the gate

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Social distancing @Shivam_Shah and hefty fines :flushed: at least here… $2,800 fine for skirting the rules…

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That’s true lol. Is your place under semi lockdown or something? I mean restrictions on meeting with neighbors and what not?

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Yes, limits on gatherings… 5 indoors, 10 outdoors and mandatory masks in all public places.

14 d quarantine for various reasons

Fines for each, perhaps to help curtail the stupidity…

Work is remote for the foreseeable future, which isn’t too bad…

You don’t have such restrictions?

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Lol no such restrictions in my state. At least not that it is enforced if there is such restrictions. Quarantine period is unknown to me but I’m assuming 14 days based on CDC’s info (unless they changed it). I don’t mind high fines because it does curb the stupidity by fear of losing money but my state has been pretty open since at least August

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Back on the original topic, I had a response from support. It looks like the instructions are wrong as they mention a “double click” on the slave minis. I tried it and it worked instantly. But it’s not at all on any of the manuals I can find anywhere.

This is the exact response they sent me.

  1. Make sure the speakers are powered on and Bluetooth is connected to one of the speakers
  2. Long press the Bluetooth buttons of speakers to make them the master in PartyCast (Led shows white light flashing slowly)
  3. Double-click the Bluetooth button on one of the speaker to make it the slave (The white light flashes quickly to indicate that it is in pairing.)
  4. The led changes to a white light to indicate that the slave has been connected successfully
  5. Multiple slaves operate in the same way.

So the key here was the “double click” on the slaves.

They also sent me a video they made, but I’m not sure how to attach it here.


Also, It looks like party cast is not the same than stereo pairing when there are only two minis involved. I read somewhere that the mini 2 had stereo pairing, but two mini 3 paired with partyCast don’t seem, to work as stereo.

It’s still amazing to have two, but it would be even better if this was an auto-stereo somehow :blush:

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Thats me!
I always like to be the “boss” and I am never. :rofl:

You wrote a perfect solution.

If the bt source is turned off there will be no prob who is the boss lll

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Search here (use magnifier option) what is said about speaker types and ( TWS and PartyCast) options


I know @Chiquinho pointed things out but main difference between PartyCast and Stereo pairing is that PartyCast is 1 channel and Stereo is basically splitting 2 speakers into left and right channels.
Speakers with PartyCast technology cannot pair in stereo and same with speakers with stereo pairing capability

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@Chiquinho @Shivam_Shah I’m not 100% sure what you are saying (if you had a direct link to posts with those details, that would be way more helpful than just say “search for it” as I don’t know what to search for) but I guess the low down in this case is that the mini 3 support partyCast, not TWS, so they won’t do stereo pairing.

That’s ok with me. I was just curious.

Coming from a shitty single 1W speaker in my van, having those two mini3 is like being in a music hall :joy::joy:


Great you got it solved now.
If you read the technical data it says : Partycast.

We were discussing a lot about TWS and Partycast,
so I suggested to search for that theme by yourself! :smiley:

By the way we have to “search” for the themes as well, which you can do also. :wink:

There’s not much to know about PartyCast other than it can be used to connect 100+ speakers in sync and you don’t get that true left-right stereo at all

PartyCast speakers and stereo speakers cannot connect to each other. Like @Chiquinho there are discussions all across this forum so putting 1 or 2 links might not be enough depending on your interest in this topic