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Hello everyone, my name is Rob but everyone calls me Tank. I love all things tech, and even more so I love my music.
I have a ton of Soundcore products and I look foward to adding more.
I currently have the following:

  1. Soundbuds Surge
  2. Spirit x
  3. Liberty Air
  4. Sport Air
  5. Life 2
  6. Liberty Neo
  7. Liberty +
  8. Arc
  9. Flare x2
  10. Mini 2 x2
  11. Infini Mini
  12. Model Zero
  13. Motion Q x2
  14. Soundcore Nano
  15. Soundbuds Digital IE10
  16. Zolo Mojo
  17. Zolo Halo

I’m sure I have more but that’s what I can remember off the top of my head


That’s a lot of Soundcore!!! Good to have you with us, Tank!

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I currently own the Space NC and Liberty Lite. Great devices!


Hey, everyone, I’m Ryan and I do reviews over at and sometimes on the YouTubes as well.

I’ve tested a lot of SoundCore products over the years, but I would have to say that one of my favorites is the SoundCore Flare. I love LED lighting and pairing that with great sound makes this speaker a definite winner in my book. :+1:

I’m looking forward to talking with all of you!


Hey everyone! I’m Andrew.

I own (and love) several soundcore products. Namely,

  1. Soundcore liberty air
  2. Soundcore flare
  3. Soundcore Ace A0
  4. Soundcore life q20
  5. Soundcore spirit X

I really hope to become an active member here now!


I haven’t got much, a couple Soundcore speaker and a couple pairs of head/earphones.

However, as an old raver at heart, and a former sound technician, and sound work for a TV company, sound quality is very important to me.

I have to say…
Soundcore Boost, is a fantastic speaker with hifi quality sound, and sooth rich bass, it’s the best portable speaker around for the price… See an offer… GET ONE!


You must really know sound!!

Great to meet you, Andrew!!

Hi everyone I’m Neil :slightly_smiling_face:

Purchased and reviewed several SoundCore products over the past few years (with reviews on YouTube and the Anker community). Like anything gadgetry wise and find it hard to get through an average day without music of some sort, be it the gym or just in the office.

Current have or had the following tally of SoundCore products

SoundCore Motion+
SoundCore Model Zero
SoundCore Flare x2
SoundCore Icon Mini
SoundCore Mini 2 (gifted to family member)
SoundCore Boost (gifted to friend)
SoundCore Lite (x2 gifted to friends/family)
SoundCore Life (x1 gifted to friends/family)
SoundCore Life 2 Giftset (x1 gifted to family)
SoundCore Vortex (gifted to family friend)
SoundCore Slim (upgraded)

Probably missed some along the way :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking forward to see how this community grows…


Hello everyone!

I am Shenoy, and been beta testing, testing, reviewing with Anker & other sister brands along with Soundcore for quite some time now and glad to join the Soundcore community!

I have the below Soundcore product:

  • Soundcore Nano (My first Soundcore device :slight_smile: )
  • Icon Mini
  • Flare Mini
  • Soundcore Spirit X
  • Soundcore Life NC

Looking forward to interacting with all of you!


Yeah I do.

How long has this been about, cos nothibg about it previously on Anker forum, and I see you’re level 3

Hes in charge, one of the few or many

So has this JUST STARTED? or a while?

Started today, admins or crew members have been working and setting this up for a while

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But no mention on it or about it on the main forum… Until todayn

Mind perhaps if Anker put a regular person on the forum, we wouldn’t have to keep doing their job for them!.. Not that I actually mind answering what questions I can, and obvs not having many goods, my product knowledge ain’t as good as others.

The community has been in beta internally for a while, with a small number of Anker community users for the past few days and now live to everyone today…

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It wasnt mentioned because it was part of this
EDdG_cBVAAIncz6 which was mentioned in the forum. With everyone guessing what it meant