The Best True Wireless Earphones of 2019

As wireless earphoness continue to grow in popularity, the question of which are the best grows too.

I sat down with Christie Chen - the Head of Brand for Soundcore - to take a closer look at what Soundcore’s achieved in the true wireless space over the past few years, what we’ve learnt, and whether that’s enough to earn the hero product of the Liberty 2nd Generation the coveted title of 2019’s Best True Wireless Earphones.

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I left Anker Innovations back in May 2017 and rejoined this year, so before I even started this interview, Christie opened by reminding me that Soundcore has actually been pioneering the true wireless space for some time.

You know Soundcore were one of the first to do true wireless earbuds, right? Just after you left us - we still haven’t forgiven you for that by the way :wink: - we launched Liberty+ on Kickstarter, which at the time were pretty ahead of the curve. They resolved issues faced by other brands in terms of connection, sound quality, etc., so we named these the first zero compromise true wireless earbuds.”

Clearly we’d done something right, because when Soundcore first dipped its feet into the true wireless market with a goal of $50k on Kickstarter, we ended up raising $2.8 million. Just a bit above our goal …

I asked Christie what else Soundcore and, specifically, our true wireless Liberty series had achieved so far, “Just like Anker, Soundcore has been dominating that spot between reasonably priced and high quality and as the Collective discussed recently, the original Liberty generation was no exception to that.”

Whether you’re a Soundcore advocate or not, Christie’s point is quite hard to dispute. For example, Liberty Air and Liberty Neo are regularly called out as the best wireless earbuds under $100, even by independent review sites like RTINGS.

But, as Christie points out, “there’s a problem here…

The audio industry is different to the charging industry. Audio, music, sound, or basically, ‘how’ you hear things, this talks to your senses and your emotions, so for audio consumers, and especially in the case of audiophiles, audio and ‘good sound’ is a contentious topic. This creates a larger challenge for us in our goal of bringing incredible audio to the masses, because, first of all, we need to change this myth that incredible audio can only come from the industry elites, and at an unattainable price point.

If you’ve been on recently you’ll see it’s no secret that we’re preparing to launch something big. While the Liberty first generation were called out as “great for the price”, I asked Christie to give the Collective some hints as to what it is that we’ve done with the next generation and what it is we’re hoping to achieve.

The hero product of the Liberty second generation” - I did ask if we could call out the name, but this is still under locks :pleading_face: - “goes above and beyond that of our first generation, with the goal of bringing a whole new level of sound to true wireless.

At this point I gave Christie a blank stare, implying that we can give you guys something a little meatier than that.

Without giving too much away at this point, I can say that a few others have attempted to utilise a technology that has a significant impact on sound quality, but due to the tight space in true wireless earbuds, they’ve made some serious compromises. R&D went back to the drawing board, again, and again, and again, until all of these previous issues of that tech had been solved.

Will it be enough to crown Liberty 2nd gen’s hero product as the Best True Wireless Earbuds of 2019?

We’ll have to wait and see - just make sure you’re signed up to the 35% off limited pre-order on!

Thanks to @christie_chen for the interview and for answering our Collective questions below. Fire away :boom:


Great interview! I hope this secret isn’t disappointing!

If you need anyone to beta test, I’m always open! And I’m a power user :crazy_face:

Also, welcome @christie_chen!


Good to know! And yeah, big thanks to Christie! More interview with engineers and other Soundcore staff to come!


Informative interview @Loz many thanks! Not got around to picking up the Liberty Air yet for testing but it’s on my to do list (or the Liberty Air gen 2)!!

Big welcome to @christie_chen, it’s good to see so many from the Soundcore team appearing on the community :smile:


Thank you @TechMan for being our power user whose opinions we always take very dearly to our heart!

Many people who tried the new earbuds we mentioned in the interview did tell me that it has been the best sound they ever heard on bluetooth earphones. It adopts a patented technology which has not been seen in the industry yet. I will encourage you to join our pre-order campaign in which we give 35% off to our fans and let us know your thoughts:-)

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@ndalby Thank for the welcome message! We see our community the home of our Soundcore Brand and I hope that you also enjoy the ride with us!

@Loz Thank your for organizing! It’s always lovely to talk about our brand and products.

I am a big fan of wireless earbuds…I have a few of the companies offerings already, and I hope to add to my collection in search of the best sound/battery life/and ok overall performance. I too am a Power user and I have signed up for beta test so I hope at some point I can at least test these out, if not fully add to my ongoing saga to find the best of the best.

I look foward to everything Soundcore has to offer and is coming out with.

Btw, Glad to have you aboard @christie_chen I look foward to asking questions and working with you as needed. Always great to have someone on the Inside to interact with

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I was joking about testing them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I already registered for the coupon

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@christie_chen, will these have touch controls? (and not require the press of a physical button).

Nice interview :+1: hope to see many more of these, makes it interesting to see what new plans are going on and get to know Soundcore more!

Welcome @christie_chen !!! Soumdcore family is growing on the community, both with members and staff, look forward to interacting with you all!

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Thank you @Shenoy for being so encouraging and welcome to our Soundcore Family!:heart:

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Well done and thank you for putting your trust in us! @TechMan Should we have any beta test opportunity come up from any new products in the future, we will keep your request/(joke) in mind. We do need good ears and eyes for those programs:100:

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Thank you @Tank for the welcome message and glad to hear that you are a big fan of wireless earbuds. I am one too! They are beautiful, aren’t they? Liberating us from wires and enable us to enjoy music freely! As a company, we were obsessed with this wireless future back in 2017 and we still are! I hope that you will find our new earbuds bring the sound enjoyment to a whole new level- a level has not yet been seen anywhere else with bluetooth earbuds. Look forward to hearing your feedback!


Welcome @christie_chen It’s so nice to be able to interact and get a glimpse of the inside of our favorite company.

Like most consumers, I’m a huge fan of the truly wireless earphones. I have the Liberty Air and Liberty Neos that I use regularly. I just gifted my old pair of Liberty Lites to a coworker who is absolutely thrilled.

This is absolutely stellar! @Loz you should have never left and let Christie down!

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best true wireless for 2019------- Airpods :rofl:


Whatever yall come out with, I hope it’s more fitting and comfortable than my Bose earbuds. While they do sound amazing, but I can only wear them a short period at a time because of the bulkiness and weight of them. Cant wait to see what this is.

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Nice interview, thanks Christie.

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Haha. I’m back now, that’s what matters right :stuck_out_tongue:

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